Dental Implants

3D X-Ray Will Help Keep You Smiling

Dental Centers has recently added a new state-of-the-art 3D CT Scanner to better meet your dental needs. The new 3D CT Scanner allows us to take a very precise three-dimensional CT (computed tomography) scan of your oral cavity. Each scan reveals the anatomic details of your teeth, tooth roots, bone density and air way.

Why is this important to you? Your dentist can now see virtually every aspect of your mouth and can diagnose and fix issues early, that otherwise might be missed in a traditional x-ray. With this information, your dentist will be better able to provide the high quality customized dental care that fits your needs.

3D CT scans greatly benefit traditional implants services. When used in conjunction with modern CAD/CAM technology, your Doctor is now able to determine the precise position of an implant prior to the start of treatment. A surgical guide is then created to ensure the treatment follows the exact digital plan. This superior level of accuracy helps provide a successful long term restoration.

With our new 3D CT Scanner, we can better assess your dental needs and more precisely meet them to help insure your healthy and beautiful smile.

Dental Implant Therapy

As the mouth changes, some patients report difficulty controlling their denture, and are afraid to smile or are unable to eat what they want. For these patients, Dental Centers offers mini-implant therapy. Several small implants can be placed in one day. Patients report enjoying a good meal and confidently engaging in conversation from the very first day. Ask your dentist about mini-implants.

Mini-implant therapy......................................$1,750 per Upper Arch, $1,650 per Lower Arch

Traditional Implant therapy ............................$1,495 per Implant

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