Our Basic Denture Offers Functionality
Good Looks at A Low Price

BASIC DENTURE $490/set ($245/single)

Basic Smile

Our Basic Dentures also feature Better teeth with our basic Vynacron pink acrylic and embedded fibers and basic smooth finish to simulate gum tissue. Better teeth offer good aesthetics and wear.

Custom-crafted the same day by our experienced denture lab technicians, our Basic Dentures include a wax try-in for, precise fit and appearance. The Basic Denture comes with a six month warranty against chipping and breaking.

Basic Denture

Our Basic Denture Features:

  • Basic Smooth Finish for Good Appearance
  • Better Teeth, for a Good Astehetics & Wear
  • High quality basic Vynacron acrylic and embedded fibers for a natural look
  • Custom-crafted by our experienced in-house lab technicians
  • Includes a wax try-in at no additional charge for a precise fit, appearance & bite
  • Six Month Warranty against chipping and breaking


A $59 Oral Evaluation Fee will be charged in addition to the fees listed. A full Mouth Panolipse X-Ray ($120) or a Full Mouth Series ($135) will be required at least once every 5 years to identify cancers, lesions, or anything that may cause a problem with denture fit, function, or other health issues. For more information, see our Denture Process, or for same day tooth extraction and dentures, see our Immediate Denture Process.

COMPREHENSIVE CARE PACKAGE................................$425/set ($285/single)
This package is for any first time denture wearer, or anyone who would like to have a year of routine post delivery care. It includes placement of tissue conditioners between the denture and the gums as they heal and change. It covers any necessary adjustments, office visits and one permanent hard reline at the end of your healing period. This package is good for 1 year.

BASIC CARE PACKAGE..................................................$75/set ($45/single)
A Basic Care Package is useful for any denture wearer. This package can be purchased with the Basic Denture, but only on the same day. It includes 60 days of routine post delivery care, such as any necessary adjustments, all office visits or any treatment determined by the doctor.

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